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LG TV Channel List Resets After A Second Or So

One of my pet annoyances about the LG LED TV (2013 model) user interface is that of the channel list.

You press the “LIST” button on your remote control. Up on the left-hand side of the screen pops a channel list to choose from. “Great!” you think.

Press "LIST" on the remote control

Press “LIST” on the remote control

Then you start pressing “P ^” and “P V” to page up and page down through the channel list. You’re just about to select the channel you want to change to and…

…oops! The channel list has returned to the current channel you’re on. Argh! Now I have to page up and page up and page up and arrow down and arrow down again to select the channel I want. So many wasted keypresses.

Speaking of wasted keypresses – that is the other really terrible design decision.

When you select “GUIDE” on the remote control you get a large list of current and upcoming programs. All good.

But there is no means of paging up or paging down through the list. You are forced to individually press up and down tens of times to see what is on all channels. Very, very inconvenient.

Confusingly most other digital TV guides will continue playing audio from the currently selected channel while displaying the guide. Not so, LG! The audio is cut completely. Again – inconvenient.

It seems (as of 2013-06-13) that the LG TV interface still needs some work. When turning on the TV the interface is slow and almost unresponsive for a minute or two. This could be because I’ve got 3 hard drives plugged into the USB ports – but there’s no good reason for this to prevent the user interface from becoming unresponsive.

I think the embedded software engineers at LG could use a refresh – perhaps a better test team would serve them well, too.

It saddens me the LG TV interface is somewhat lacking – because the television is otherwise a good television – good value for money.