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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Finding Files Between Two Dates in Linux

I found this tip at this page and it was so good I have to put it here in case the original ever disappears from the Internet.

Create two temporary files indicating the “from” time and the “to” time limits, respectively.

touch --date "2009-05-01" /tmp/from
touch --date "2009-06-04" /tmp/to

Then start your search using the -newer and -not -newer command-line flags.

find /backup -type f -newer /tmp/from -not -newer /tmp/to

Areas in Melbourne With No Overhead Wires

Here are some streets/areas that have no above ground electricity or telecommunications cables in Melbourne.

  • Kilsyth
    • Alpine Way
  • Mooroolbark
    • Partridge Way
    • Sherwood Road
  • Wantirna
    • Teddington Way
  • Croydon
    • The Range Boulevard
  • Croydon Hills
    • Nangathan Way
  • Lillydale
    • The Gateway