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Debugging LWP::UserAgent in Perl 5

Over the years the way of dumping the sent and received headers of HTTP requests changed. It used to be the following line added to your script would result in headers being dumped:

use LWP::Debug qw(+);

But more recently the approach has been to add handlers to the user agent, e.g.:

  sub {
    my $msg = shift;              # HTTP::Message
    $msg->dump( maxlength => 0 ); # dump all/everything

  sub {
    my $msg = shift;                # HTTP::Message
    $msg->dump( maxlength => 512 ); # dump max 512 bytes (default is 512)

The dump() function is documented in the HTTP::Message module.

The dump() function has a few options that can be provided:

  • maxlength – maximum number of bytes to display, zero for unrestricted (all)
  • no_content – a string to replace “(no content)” with
  • prefix – a string to prepend to each line dumped

The handlers available are documented in the LWP::UserAgent module and are:

  • request_preprepare
  • request_prepare
  • request_send
  • response_header
  • response_data
  • response_done
  • response_redirect

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