Documenting Problems That Were Difficult To Find The Answer To

ZTE Axon 7 LineageOS 14.1 Terminal Permission Denied

You’ve rooted your A2017G ZTE Axon 7 and put LineageOS 14.1 on. You’ve also installed, through TWRP, the package from LineageOS 14.1 extras (because the device is of arm64 architecture).

So when you install Terminal Emulator (jackpal.androidterm) from Google Play and start it up you’re puzzled when you get the message “Permission denied” when you try and do anything:

axon7:/ $ ls
ls: .: Permission denied
1|axon7:/ $

The solution is to run /system/bin/su from the command line – then allow Terminal Emulator su (super user) privileges when a dialog pops up as a result.

axon7:/ $ /system/bin/su
axon7:/ #

From now on, when you start a Terminal Emulator session, you need to just type su at the beginning of each session.

axon7:/ $ su
axon7:/ #

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