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USB Tethering From CyanogenMod Android to Ubuntu Trusty 14.04

My laptop could not connect to the hotel’s WiFi but my mobile phone could. So I went into my phone settings, selected “…More”, selected “Tethering & portable hotspot”, and enabled “USB tethering”. This was while my phone was configured to be in “charge only” mode on USB.

My phone was attached to my Ubuntu computer by USB cable. And if I clicked on the Network Manager applet on my start bar (using Xubuntu) it showed me the option of “Ethernet Network (my phone model)” but it was greyed out. So Ubuntu had detected the phone had tethering turned on but wasn’t able to connect to it.

Automatic Option

Click on the Network Manager applet. At the bottom of the menu choose “Edit”.

Press “Add” to add a network connection.

Choose a connection type of “Ethernet” from the drop-down and press the “Create…” button.

Give the connection a name, e.g. “Tethering My Phone USB”. Select your USB interface from the drop down list of “Device MAC address” on the “Ethernet” tab (which is opened by default).

Choose “Save…” and the tethered network should automatically begin to work.

Manual Option (if all else fails)

The solution was to open a terminal and run:

$ sudo ifconfig usb0 up
$ sudo dhclient usb0

Now I had an IP address assigned to my usb0 interface and a default route.

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