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Using wget to Automate Logging Into Websites

The open-source wget tool is useful for automating website access/scraping. In particular because it can store/retrieve cookies from a file.

# create a name for the cookie jar/file

# save cookies from homepage access
wget --spider --save-cookies $COOKIE_JAR --keep-session-cookies

# now submit request using saved cookies
wget -O - \
  --load-cookies $COOKIE_JAR \
  --save-cookies $COOKIE_JAR \
  --keep-session-cookies \
  --header "Referer:" \
  --post-data='startlat=1.357348601&startlng=103.9884093&endlat=1.276243657&endlng=103.8545958&routeopt=fastest&start_type=mrt&end_type=mrt&mode=TRANSIT&use_lrt=yes' \

Note that –spider performs a HEAD request and does not download the response. Options useful for debugging and seeing what is sent/received are -d and -S. For cookies the –keep-session-cookies option is essential to save session cookies (with no expiry time set) to the cookie file.

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