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Using Perl to Make Signed Requests to Public Transport Victoria Timetable API

So you want to create an application to access the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Timetable API.

You’ve followed the instructions and e-mailed a request for a developer ID and an access key; and you’ve received both in an e-mail that contained text similar to the following:

Thank you for your interest in the PTV Timetable API.

Your email address has now been registered and your user Id and API key are

User Id: 2912345

API Key: 4cc12345-ff11-2222-a00a-dd1297cd04aa

Now you want to create a signed request using Perl to access the API.

The following function will take a URL and return a signed URL that can be used to access that URL:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Digest::HMAC;
use Digest::SHA;

use strict;

my $devid = "2912345";
my $apikey = "4cc12345-ff11-2222-a00a-dd1297cd04aa";

sub sign_url {
  my ( $url ) = @_;

  # add ?devid=$devid or &devid=$devid to URL
  $url .= ( index($url, "?") < $[ ) ? "?" : "&";
  $url .= "devid=$devid";

  # strip out base URL from part used in signing
  my $request = $url;
  $request =~ s{^(([a-z]+)://+)?[^/]+}{};

  # calculate signature using API key and URL without base
  #   e.g. sign over a string like "/v3/routes?devid=2912345"
  my $signature = Digest::HMAC::hmac_hex(

  $url .= "&signature=" . $signature;
  return $url;

print sign_url( "" );

This should output the following:

$ perl -w

The example is using an invalid signature and devid, so this example URL will not actually return a page; you will have to provide the access key and devid you received in your e-mail.

Note: it is absolutely essential that you do not change the capitalisation of the access key in this script. While it looks like a hex string it is actually treated as case-sensitive text.

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