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Upgrading the E-Prance B48 Firmware to Street Storm CVR-A7810-G PRO Firmware

E-Prance B48

I have an E-Prance B48 dashcam (dashboard video camera for cars) I bought from which has performed well in many different climates – from sitting in a car at -18 degrees Celsius to sitting in a car at 36 degrees Celsius with the sun shining on it.

However it had an incredibly deal-breaking bug. When the memory card became full it would indiscriminately delete an old file – not the oldest file. Thus, after a drive, I’d want to review an event a few hours before and that file would be deleted despite old files from earlier in the week still being present.

So what to do? According to the Firmware menu option on the device it was running firmware version erb47fshzdge.150512.v1.1 but I could not find any E-Prance alternative firmware.

I read somewhere that the hardware was in fact made by Samoon but I cannot verify this. But the chipset used is the Ambarella A7LA70 which is available in many other branded cameras. And that the model was very similar to a Russian branded Street Storm CVR-A7810-G PRO. So I went about fetching the firmware for this model from their Support page at this link. I choose the model “CVS-A7810-G PRO” from the drop down list titled “Модель”. Then on the left-hand side under “Выберите модель” I clicked on the yellow backgrounded title “CVS-A7810-G PRO” which then gave me the firmware versions to download (most recent at the top).

I downloaded the ZIP file (titled in this case

Next step was to extract the “firmware.bin” file from the ZIP file and put it in the root directory of my micro SD card. I inserted my micro SD card into my E-Prance B48 camera, turned it on, and then used the side buttons and the right-hand side top button to confirm that I did, indeed, want to upgrade the firmware.

After a while the display showed “Upgrading 5/6 100%” and I waited 20 seconds, then held the power button (second from left on top) for 10 seconds to force the camera to switch off. Upon switching the camera on it started the new firmware and the menu options were all in English.

K&F Concept Super HD 1296P KFCRA0301G

I bought another similar Ambarella A7LA70 chipset camera. It reported firmware version KFB47FSHZLDGE.160105.V1.1 and I decided to put the Street Storm firmware onto this.

Upgrade worked; camera has accepted the Street Storm firmware as above for the E-Prance B48.

I can’t say whether the Street Storm firmware is better than the K&F Concept firmware because I didn’t give the K&F Concept firmware a chance. I’m sticking to what I know has worked.

One response to “Upgrading the E-Prance B48 Firmware to Street Storm CVR-A7810-G PRO Firmware

  1. FtoTheO August 31, 2016 at 9:50 am

    The K&F firmware has the same bug with deleting random files not beginning with the oldest one FYI

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