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CyanogenMod 12.1 Not Roaming (No Signal)

I had a problem in Estonia. My phone was not roaming with my foreign SIM. When I inserted an Estonian SIM it connected just fine with H+ and LTE data modes enabled. But my foreign SIM would give me the following message whenever I tried to connect automatically or manually to any Estonian provider:

Can't connect to this network at the moment

Can’t connect to this network at the moment

The message was “Can’t connect to this network at the moment. Try again later.”

Very unhelpful. And I would have no signal at all.

When I returned to my foreign country I double-checked with my provider to ensure that I did, indeed, have roaming enabled. In fact this worked on a previous version of CyanogenMod on a different phone in Estonia. So it appeared there was something wrong with the phone.

Eventually I luckily ended up on this article which had a technique that worked for me.


A faster way may be to just dial *#*#4636#*#* on your phone, select Phone Information, find the “Set preferred network type:” drop down and select “GSM only” and wait 60 seconds to see if you get a connection.

But even if this works it could be just a temporary solution. And you may be restricted to slow speeds so experiment with other network types, too. What you set in this testing menu will not be retained after a reboot.

First I had to set my preferred network type to “2G” by first going into settings, and choosing “Mobile Networks” (taking care to touch the words, not the switch icon):

Choose Settings, Mobile Networks

Choose Settings, Mobile Networks

Then set the preferred network type to 2G:

Set the Preferred Network Type to 2G

Set the Preferred Network Type to 2G

At this point you can power off your phone, insert your foreign (roaming) SIM, then turn your phone on again. Like magic it will find a signal and finally be roaming.

How About Roaming in New Zealand on Three UK?

Again I had to set the preferred network type to 2G to actually connect to Spark NZ or 2 Degrees in New Zealand on Three roaming. (Update: actually, that’s strictly speaking not true, I was just impatient. Turns out you can have LTE preferred but just wait the 1-2 minutes it takes to connect to the mobile network, and may disconnect but will reconnect again).

But if you want a faster connection you have to do a little trick after powering up your phone each time. That trick is as follows.

Dial *#*#4636#*#* which will give you a “Testing” menu. Choose “Phone information”.

Further down the screen you will see “Network type:” and this may be EDGE – which is a high speed form of 2G (GSM). You can make this HSPA or HSPAP by doing the following.

Find “Set the preferred network type:” and from this list select “LTE/GSM auto (PRL)”. It will take a while to connect back to the phone network, between 1 and 2 minutes. Be patient (although if you wait 5 minutes give up). This time when you connect the “Network type:” should display HSPA or HSPAP and your connection should be a lot quicker.

Note that this preference will be lost each time you reboot your phone. So you’ll have to go through this little trick each time you power on for high speed mobile data in New Zealand.

A friend has UTMS showing on their phone on the same network which is 3G.

See this forum post about various network types and speeds.

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