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Tenvis TH692 IP/Network Camera


To reset the camera press and hold the push button for 15 seconds.

For URLs see

For the CGI interface (of more interest to programmers) see the PDF at

Out of the Box

Your router should dynamically assign a DHCP address to the camera by default (out of the box) and the camera will report itself with “IPCAM” as the hostname.

You can log into the camera by visiting http://<address>/ using the username admin and password admin which you’ll have to change on first login.


You can get a video feed in VLC from your camera by using the following URL:

  • rtsp://admin:password@<address>:554/1 (1024×768)
  • rtsp://admin:password@<address>:554/2 (640×352)

You can take a temporary snapshot photo:

iPhone Quicktime stream:

Altering Video Feed Parameters

By default the camera is set to transmit at 2048Kbps and 25 frames per second. If you’re trying to upload that stream over a home Internet connection that can be a little excessive. Perhaps you’re happier with 5 frames per second and 512Kbps. How can you set this? The user interface on the web camera will only let you change the frame rate – not the bit rate.

The URL http://<address>/web/cgi-bin/param.cgi?cmd=getvencattr&-chn=1 will fetch the parameters of the connection and will look like this:

var bps_1="2048"; var fps_1="25"; var gop_1="25"; var brmode_1="1"; var imagegrade_1="1"; var width_1="1280"; var height_1="720"; 

You can set parameters (see PDF link above) such as:

Other parameters include:

  • gop – prime frame rate interval (2-150)
  • imagegrade – encode quality (1-6), lower values better image quality
  • brmode – 0 for fixed bit rate, 1 for variable bit rate

Setting Infrared Mode

The URL http://<address>/web/cgi-bin/param.cgi?cmd=getinfrared will get the current state of the infrared mode and return:

var infraredstat="auto";

To set the infrared mode you have the choice of:

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