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Linux Citrix Client – Black Screen on Connection

I was using the Citrix Linux Client/Receiver 13.2.1. But whenever I started a Citrix session (to a Windows virtual desktop) I would see the small log-in dialog, which I’d successfully fill out, but then the display would take up the full-screen and would be black.

As a work-around I could select the session from the session manager taskbar, right click on it, and select move – and the action of moving the window would cause it to display as normal. But this was frustrating – having to move the window every time to make it display – and once moved it would no longer be full screen but have scroll bars on the bottom and right-hand side.

A solution to this is to start the session with a command line parameter (-geometry widthxheight) added to the wfica executable. For example, on a 1920×1200 display the following settings would set up a separate application window with the remote desktop session inside:

./wfica -geometry 1860x1160 -file $1

Command line arguments for wfica are available at the Citrix website.

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