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Linestorm IR-380 Infrared Thermometer

I recently ordered a Linestorm IR-380 Infrared Thermometer in the UK.

I chose this model because the price was very reasonable (£15.60) and, in particular, it is powered by two AAA batteries – most of the other cheap models are powered by 9V batteries and I much prefer using AA or AAA batteries.

The specification was:

  • temperature reading: -50 – 380 Celsius
  • accuracy: +/- 2 Celsius or 2%
  • settings: Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • display: 0.1 Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • operating temperature: 10 – 40 Celsius
  • storage temperate: -10 – 40 Celsius
  • response time: < 0.8 seconds
  • distance to spot ratio: 12:1
  • emissivity setting: 0.1 – 0.99 (default value ratio 0.95)
  • batteries: 2 x AAA (1.5V)
  • battery life: 12 hours
  • screen back light
  • automatic switch off after 10 seconds of non-use

It is powered on by pressing the measurement button (trigger).

To measure one just points at an object and presses the measurement button (trigger) for a single measurement, or hold down the measurement button (trigger) for a constant scan measurement – when you release the last displayed temperature will remain displaying for a while.

The thermometer will automatically switch off after 10 seconds since last operation.

The emissivity for most organic, painted, or oxidised materials is 0.95 but some metal surfaces is lower than 0.95 and then the testing value will not be accurate. To change the emissivity setting make sure device is OFF, then press and hold the laser beam button followed by the measurement button (trigger) at the same time for 3 seconds. The sigma icon will display and you can press the laser beam button to decrease a digit and the backlight button to increase a digit. The mode button will advance to the next digit.

If you see a battery icon it is time to replace the batteries.

To turn on laser pointer assist turn on the device (by pressing the measurement button/trigger) and press the laser button. Press the laser button again to turn it off. Note that the laser beam must never be directed towards eyes.

The mode button switches between displaying the lowest recorded temperature (MIN) and the maximum recorded temperature (MAX).


Material Emissivity
aluminium 0.30
asbestos 0.95
asphalt 0.95
brass 0.50
brick 0.90
carbon 0.95
concrete 0.95
copper 0.95
freeze food 0.90
hot food 0.93
glass 0.85
ice 0.98
iron 0.70
lead 0.50
oil 0.94
paint 0.93
skin 0.98
plastic 0.95
rubber 0.95
snow 0.90
stainless steel 0.80
paper 0.95
water 0.93
wood 0.94

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