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What Is The Fee For A Citizenship Ceremony In The UK?

What is the fee for a citizenship ceremony in the United Kingdom? Turns out that it varies by council and can vary by day of the week, too. Then there are public and private ceremonies – where private ceremonies are often more expensive. In fact the Nationality Checking Service fees vary significantly, too, and the days and times you can do this also vary.

So, what do some councils charge? Note all information shown is best-effort and may be completely inaccurate, use at own risk only. This is not a comprehensive list and was compiled on 2015-01-01 from publicly available information from Council websites.

NCS is the Nationality Checking Service which you can use to submit your application via (they copy your documents so you can retain them).

Council Public Ceremony Private Ceremony NCS (Adult) Link Notes
Wandsworth unknown 100 50 link
Newham free 85 55 link
Hillingdon free unknown 60 link
Haringey free 100 50 link
Hounslow unknown unknown 60 link Group ceremonies are held on a weekly basis
Greenwich unknown 100 unknown link Public ceremonies are held every Thursday
Ealing free 100 50 Mon-Fri, 60 Sat link group ceremonies on Tuesdays 9.15am, 10.45am, 1.15pm and 3.00pm
Westminster unknown 110 57 link public group ceremonies every Monday morning
Kingston unknown unknown 60 link only 2 ceremonies per month
Richmond free varies between 54 and 428 unknown link
Croydon free 100 50 link
Kensington and Chelsea free 180 70 link Group ceremonies are held once a fortnight
Hammersmith and Fulham unknown unknown 45 link group ceremonies every Wednesday morning
Tower Hamlets free 90 55 link
Essex free 130 75 link Ceremonies are normally held every first and third Wednesday of the month
Merton unknown unknown unknown link ceremonies are sometimes available on a Saturday
Kent unknown 175 65 link
Hampshire free 150 70 link
Surrey unknown unknown 78 link
Leeds free unknown 80 link
Manchester free 100 unknown link
Wokingham unknown 120 63 link Group ceremonies are generally held once a month, on a week day, at 2.30pm
Oxfordshire unknown unknown 75 link
Slough unknown unknown 72 link Two group ceremonies are held each month
Wiltshire unknown unknown unknown link
Reading free 70 75 link

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