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Upgrading the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 1 (P1000) 7 inch to CyanogenMod 11

Lately the CyanogenMod downloads page for the p1 (Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000) has had CyanogenMod version 11 nightly builds starting September 2014.

Downloading the zip only your external SD card is sufficient – then install, reboot back into recovery, then install a second time, and it should be good.

A problem is that the Google Apps from the CyanogenMod website ( do not work (this is discussed in this forum thread) and have your phone repeatedly complaining about crashes (this is the case for both the CM11 and CM10.2 Gapps packages from this website).

Instead you need to get the Banks GApps from a site like I downloaded the package onto my external SD card and rebooted into recovery to install.

Then after booting into CyanogenMod 11 I used Aptoid to search for “Google Calendar Sync” and installed it (or you could do this from the marketplace) so that my calendar would sync.

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