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How To Disable Newline Translation Over FTP In Beyond Compare

I am a big fan of Beyond Compare (have purchased a Pro edition license) – and I use it mostly to backup between hard drives or remote sites and home.

I made a SFTP connection to a remote site to copy a text file using the Folder Compare view. However upon making the copy the local file (on Windows) was bigger than the remote file (on Linux). Yet the files compared the same. Clearly newline translation was occurring (as Linux uses a single byte to represent a line ending while Windows uses two bytes to represent a line ending).

So, how to do a binary download rather than a text-conversion download?

Go to the menu, select Tools -> FTP Profiles…

Select Tools > FTP Profiles...

Select Tools > FTP Profiles…

Next choose the Transfer tab, select the default FTP profile, and change the transfer type to be always Binary (not Auto).

Set the default transfer type to be Binary

Set the default transfer type to be Binary

Now you can retry your copy action and the file on your local system should be byte-identical to the one on your remote system.

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