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New Samsung Fridge/Freezer Beeping Constantly

So you just had a new Samsung fridge/freezer delivered (e.g. model RL60GZEIH). The workmen are long gone having instructed you to leave it off for 4 hours (to let the compressor liquids settle at the bottom).

It’s the big moment! You plug in the fridge for the very first time! And flip the switch! It’s on…


What’s going on? Why won’t it stop beeping?

The display has the “speaker” icon on – and shows horizontal dashes or lines for temperature.

FEAR NOT: this is normal. In fact this is a “temperature” alarm to alert you to the fact that the fridge/freezer is too warm inside. This will usually happen after a power outage (according to the Samsung fridge/freezer manual) when powering on.

SOLUTION: press the “alarm” button to clear the alarm. If this doesn’t work hold down the “alarm” button for 3 seconds until the “speaker” icon disappears – this will disable audio alerts. You can re-enable them again once the fridge reaches operating temperatures.

One response to “New Samsung Fridge/Freezer Beeping Constantly

  1. Carrie LL December 17, 2015 at 3:17 am

    Where is the alarm button? We have a RF261B and it is beeping steady.

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