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Help! Windows 8.1 Is Demanding I Log In Using An Email Address During Upgrade From Windows 8!

If you’re searching for this solution you might have searched for:

  • how can I log into Windows 8.1 without an e-mail address during the upgrade process?
  • I want to log into Windows 8.1 with my existing account after upgrading
  • help, I don’t want to register a Hotmail address with Windows 8.1 just to upgrade!

The Problem

In an incredible act of what appears to be a selfish grab of personal information Microsoft seemingly demand you log into Windows 8.1 with a Hotmail (or Windows Live) e-mail account.

You go through the process of upgrading Windows 8.1 on your computer. And finally you think you’re about to log in for the first time! So you log in as yourself (as you’ve always done in Windows 8) and after that it tells you to provide an e-mail address!



There is a link you can click on at this stage to “Register a new e-mail address”. Follow this.

Then change the drop down of default e-mail providers and select “provide my own”. Enter a fake e-mail address.

On the bottom-left of the screen will be an option to just log in using your existing account. Click this.

Where’s The Information Commissioner?

That’s it! It’s not obvious – and you actually have to go through some of the steps of registering a new e-mail account to bypass the whole e-mail login process. Which is not obvious and Microsoft have probably conned many unsuspecting users into coughing up their personal information (first name and last name) to Microsoft.

I’m surprised regulatory bodies haven’t come down hard on Microsoft for this incredibly gross breach of privacy and making it look like there’s no way of using your existing local account to log in. Shame on Microsoft – this is truly outrageous behaviour.

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