Documenting Problems That Were Difficult To Find The Answer To

What Infuriates Me About Google Documents 2013

The ability to work “in the cloud” on documents has enormous potential benefits: always retaining a backup of a document, tracking changes, and sharing with others.

Google Documents, however, is incredibly immature and has such a long way to go before even vaguely approaching the functionality, reliability, and usefulness of Microsoft Word from over a decade ago.

Here I list some of my pet peeves with Google Documents and why it frustrates me that the company I’m presently contracted to uses this product by default:

Google Documents/Writer


There are only 6 styles you can choose from. None of which are suitable for formatting source code, for example. You cannot define your own styles! This severe inflexibility makes production of professional documents all but useless. What we have is a basic text editor with a few enhancements – not a word processor by any stretch of the imagination.

Pasting Text Bugs

Pasting text (such as source code) results in spaces turning into unwanted tabs that don’t align as desired.

Pasting Google Drawings

Pasting a drawing from Google Draw is a nightmare – you cannot resize a Google Draw image with text because the text doesn’t scale with the diagram.


Actually I have a lot more that I will add. But when I encounter serious issues such as the above it destroys my mental workflow and I just take a walk – it is usually hours before I re-engage which is a serious hit to any company’s bottom line.

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