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Best Sort Codes in the UK

Want to open a bank account in the UK? Well if you’re a bit of a number nerd you might want to plan ahead which bank and branch to visit to open your account in.

This is because the bank/branch is allocated a Sort Code – a 6 digit number made up of 3 pairs of digits – and there are some visually interesting combinations. Once you are allocated your first ever account number all subsequent accounts you open will generally come from the same branch – so it pays to choose carefully which sort code you want for a long time!

A great site to pick through (if it still exists at the time you read this) is

Some interesting sort codes and branches are:

Sort Code Bank Branch
40-01-01 HSBC Acton High Street, London
40-01-04 HSBC Fenchurch Street, London
40-04-01 HSBC Kensington High Street, London
40-04-04 HSBC Kilburn High Road, London
11-10-09 Halifax Queens Arcade, Cardiff
11-11-00 Halifax Hounslow High Street, London
11-12-13 Halifax Commercial Way, Woking
30-99-30 Lloyds TSB Welshpool, Birmingham
60-60-60 National Westminster Westminster House, Gibraltar

One response to “Best Sort Codes in the UK

  1. Anonymous February 9, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    How cool is Halifax Eastcote sort code? : 11-11-11

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