Documenting Problems That Were Difficult To Find The Answer To

PHP Reports Compiler Globals Problem

My friend was having issues with PHP 5.3 compiled from ports in FreeBSD:

root@myserver:~# php
Failed loading /usr/local/lib/php/20090626-zts/ioncube/  /usr/local/lib/php/20090626-zts/ioncube/ Undefined symbol "compiler_globals"

The solution was documented as:

  AFFECTS: users of lang/php5

  PHP has been updated to 5.4. Suhosin patch has been disabled until the
  new version will be released (soon). Suhosing extension will take more
  time. LINKTHR option is now enabled by default, be sure to flag it if
  you are updating using an old saved configuration. sqlite2 extension
  has been permanently removed.
  If you want to remain at PHP 5.3, a new port (lang/php53) has been
  created for such purpose.

It also affects php 5.3.

So to solve, when running “make config”, tick the following box:

[X] LINKTHR    Link thread lib (for threaded extensions)

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