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Compensation Claim Companies Spamming UK Mobile Numbers

I received, on 2012-03-02, a SMS message from +447955700141 that contained the following text:

URGENT! We have been trying to contact you regarding your accident; you may be entitled to up to 5100 in compensation. Reply CLAIM for more info or stop

I tried calling the number today (2012-06-03) but got a recorded message announcing the number is “not recognised”.

Why This Is So Wrong

Firstly I have not been in an accident. Secondly this message was sent to a number from which I do not make calls. Thirdly nobody else should have this number (it was from a SIM obtained at a T-Mobile retail store for the purposes of mostly data only).

Two years ago my car insurance policy jumped 30+% in a year at Direct Line. With no change of address, no speeding tickets, no fines, no accidents, no claims. Thirty percent! Needless to say I left Direct Line. But competitors were not much cheaper. And the reason the industry gives for this inflation-ignoring gouging is because of exactly this scenario – claims companies artificially making claims on car insurance.

This following is entirely my opinion and should not be interpreted as fact. We are at war with the insurance industry, people! It is a monopoly (there is no competition) because it is something we must have, by law, to drive. And corruption is endemic. The problem with a corrupt organisation is that it doesn’t magically become uncorrupted. The whole system must be dismantled and rebuilt with ethical principles at the root. Every claims spammer must be jailed. Every insurance agent paying out a false claim instead of investigating the truth of claims should be incarcerated.

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