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Acronis True Image Not Completing FTP Backups

Today I started making backups over FTP over a home LAN. It was a very simple LAN. Computer A connected to a gigabit Ethernet switch which connected to FTP Server B.

I attempted to make a disk backup to my FTP server on using Acronis True Image Home 2011. My FTP server was the Java-based Apache FTP server running as a simple anonymous FTP server.

Every time I attempted this transfer the log would indicate successful transfer of files (at around 250Mbit/s over the gigabit Ethernet link) but then there would be the same 3 entries:

Pending operation 144 started: 'Saving partition structure'.
Failed to open data stream.
Operation has completed with errors.

Looking around on various posts there was a suggestion that Acronis True Image 2011 had problems when it came to erasing old backups. In this case I was making a fresh backup – and I realised that FTP may not report free space on disk. So I used options that would prevent True Image from querying the free space left on the FTP server.

  • on my backup I clicked on the Operations drop down and selected “Edit backup settings”
  • because this was a disk backup I clicked the “Disk backup options” link on the bottom left hand corner of the “Configure disk backup process” dialog
  • I selected the “Backup scheme” tab and chose “Single version scheme” (because the Version chain scheme attempts to delete versions 6 months old)
  • under the “Advanced” tab I expanded the “Error handling” drop down and unclicked (ensured it wasn’t selected) “When not enough space in ASZ, delete the oldest backup”

These two changes seemed adequate and my next FTP backup completed successfully.

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