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Attempting to Boot a Truecrypt Encrypted Drive That Isn’t Encrypted

Today, after restoring a partition using Acronis True Image Home 2011 (a paid-for product), I rebooted and was presented with the Truecrypt bootloader screen that asked me for my Truecrypt password. I duly typed in my password and then was confronted with the following boot error that I’d never seen before:

No physical memory is available at the location required for the windows boot manager. The system cannot continue.

My backup was actually an unencrypted backup. Thus when I restored I had the Truecrypt bootloader but an unencrypted restored partition. All I had to do was skip the Truecrypt bootloader and the unencrypted restored partition booted into Windows 7 just fine.

When one makes a backup from within Windows 7 of an encrypted (Truecrypt) partition they are actually making an unencrypted backup because the True Image program is operating within the running Windows 7 environment (the Truecrypt drivers making the drive appear unencrypted to the Operating System when, in fact, the drive is encrypted at a low level).

It is only if you use the True Image boot disk (or boot USB) to make a backup of an encrypted partition sector-by-sector that your backup is of the encrypted partition.

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