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Godaddy Hijacked Control of my Domain

I have a domain with Godaddy that expires on the 24th of this month. It is only the beginning of the month and yet I no longer have the ability to renew, unlock, or do anything with my domain.

I’ve had e-mails warning me to renew before the expiry date. Yet my domain now has “Pending Expiration” status and I cannot do a single thing with it.

I’m extremely angry about this because I was waiting, diligently, to renew shortly before expiration. I do not want my domain – which is the same name as my limited liability business – stolen!

At no point did GoDaddy ever indicate it was going to hijack control of my domain before expiration. This is outrageous and incredibly dishonest behaviour.

Update: there is a good news ending. I logged into my GoDaddy control panel, clicked “My Account”, and under my name and customer number clicked the link “Contact Support”. I requested the instructions on how to transfer – and the first reply was an offer to renew – upon which I sent a strongly worded e-mail reminding GoDaddy that my request was to transfer, not renew, and that my domain had still not expired.

GoDaddy then informed me I needed to request the IPSTAG to be set to whatever the new domain register’s tag would be. In my case I chose to be my registrar and their IPSTAG is DAILY. So I replied to the support ticket requesting the IPSTAG to be set to DAILY. After 3 days they did so and I initiated the transfer from

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