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Two Way Recording on a HTC Desire Z with CyanogenMod 7.1.0-RC1

So you want to record a phone conversation – but tired of apps only recording what YOU say – and not capturing what comes in? Well there is a kernel that has been made for CyanogenMod (CM) 7 called “LorDModUE”. The UE stands for “Ultimate Edition”.

The link to the thread where you can obtain the kernel is here. I downloaded the “CFS 2WCR” module (not the “CFS” module). The 2WCR stands for “two-way call recording” which enables the phone to record the incoming (over the cellphone network) audio.

I had made the mistake of initially downloading the 5.6 CFS kernel from this thread – and then thought I bricked my phone when it started only with the white screen and green HTC letters/logo – and getting the “LorDModUE” kernel (as above) did the trick.

The kernel appears to have a call recorder application with it – so it will automatically record every call to a 32-bit 8000Hz mono WAV file – or MP3 if you so desire. The 8000Hz WAV file should take up about 1 MB per minute of audio (which isn’t much if you have a multi GB SD Card).

Note that this worked on a HTC Desire Z that had already been rooted and had CyanogenMod 7.1.0-RC1 installed on it.

2012-10-05 Update

Currently using CyanogenMod-7.2.0-vision.

Today I went to the above thread and obtained kernel 8.6 BFS 2WCR and installed that .zip using ClockworkMod recovery. I had to download Callrecorder v1.2.4 (update: this link appears to have been deleted now) and install it (even though it was apparently already installed but I couldn’t find it after the kernel update).

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